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Services & Rates

Dog Walking:

Our professional dog walking service offers the opportunity to have your dog taken by one of our experienced walkers for a walk in your neighborhood. On these walks your dog will be able to play, sniff, and explore. Want your pup to play in your back yard instead? We do that for the same price as the walks! 

Service Hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm


Daily Walks: 
  • 15 Minute Puppy Care - $13.00
  • 30 Minute Walk - $19.00
  • 45 Minute Walk - $24.00
  • 60 Minute Walk - $29.00
  • Discount of $7.00 per week for Clients who book Monday through Friday
$3.00 per extra dog per walk
Benefits of exercise:

What to expect from the dog walking service:  
  • Dog walkers will arrive at a scheduled time
  • Your dog(s) will be approached in a friendly, caring and patient (for those more shy individuals) manner
  • We will ensure your dog is securely attached to the leash and that any additional necessities (coats, boots, etc.) are used as required
  • Your house will be locked while we are on the walk and when we leave after the walk
  • We enforce basic leash manners on our walks; we use the commands you have taught your dog to prevent pulling, barking, etc. 
  • After your dog is returned safe and sound we will send you an update (usually with a cute picture) of your dog and how the walk went 

All Dog Walks end with fresh water and a tummy rub!

Group Program: 

Does your pup like to run and play with others of similar size? Our group program is for them! We offer 1 hour of off leash play in a fenced yard with other dogs and a variety of toys! This service allows your dog(s) to stretch their legs, make some new friends and burn off lots of energy all while you are at work! Each dog in the program must be well socialized and well mannered in order to come play. 


  • One Dog - $22.00
  • Two Dogs - $32.00
*All services are HST applicable

Services Currently Offered - Wednesday's: & Thursdays
  • Large Breeds: 9:30am - 10:30am
  • Small Breeds/Puppies: 11:30am - 12:30pm (only Wednesdays)

A meet and greet must be completed before your dog can attend the program.

In Home Pet Sitting For Cats and Dogs:

Are you going away for a weekend, a business trip or a vacation and need care for your pet(s)? At Grand Bark we offer pet sitting catered to your pet's individual needs. We can make frequent visits throughout the day and even stay overnight to let your pet(s) feel safe in their home environments. 


  • In Home Pet Sitting - 30 minute visit - $19.00
  • Overnight In-Home Boarding Stays -  $50.00/night
  • Overnight Stays Pet Sitter comes to your house - $60.00/night
  • Book 7 or more days receive a 10% Discount
$3.00 per extra dog per visit 
*All prices are HST applicable

Benefits of one of our pet sitter's staying in your home: 
  • Your pet can feel at home because they are surrounded by familiar sights, sounds & smells while you are gone
  • Your pet gets to follow its regular eating and exercise schedules and will receive one-on-one attention from our pet sitters to make them feel at ease
  • Your pet is not caged or exposed to other animals or illnesses like at regular boarding facilities
  • We are constantly coming and going from your home, so we can let you know if something is wrong and can even water your plants or bring in your mail while you're gone! 
If they can't come on vacation with you, let them stay at home!

In Store Pet Sitting:

Come visit us in Elora and bring your furry friend along! We have farmers markets, historical buildings, churches and of course the Elora Gorge to explore.  The shopping is unique and hip and the local restaurants are wonderful.  Don't leave your best friend at home and not included...bring them along for a car ride! We will take care of them, in store, while you shop or dine at your leisure in Elora and our surrounding towns.

  • Drop-In Store Sitting - $29.00 for the first hour and $5.00 for every following hour

(all services are HST applicable)